Fish for tomorrow

About us

we are on a mission to redefine the norms of seafood production

Our goal is to provide consumer with authentic and nutritious cultivated fish product through sustainable technology

What is cultivated fish?

cultivated fish is a replica of natural meat using state-of-the-art technology. Alike the natural growth of fish, we replicate the conditions necessary for growth of a fish, creating a host that is capable of growing the meat outside the body of a fish.

Sample of cells from fish is removed

Isolated cells are fed with nutrients for growth

Within the bioreactor, cells are grown in nutrient-rich medium

Meat will then be ready for consumption


Our logo is a testament of our commitment towards ensuring Fisheroo’s products are GMO-free, conserving all naturally found DNA in fishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Over 150 million tonnes of seafood are consumed globally each year and yet, these seafoods are laden with unseen contaminations ranging from methylmercury to microplastics. Over the long term, continued consumption of such seafood results in accumulation of these harmful substances within our body.  Besides, seafood production is far from being sustainable with ecologist projecting fishes to disappear from the surface of Earth by 2048.

To change all of this, Fisheroo seeks to redefine the norms of seafood production and envisions providing consumers with a sustainable alternative without compromising quality of life.

Fisheroo utilizes a highly optimized and controlled medium [food for cells] that contains all necessary nutrients for natural growth such as proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, trace metals and growth factors that come from animal-free sources. The main difference is that unlike natural fishes, Fisheroo’s cells are not exposed to contaminants that are widely found in the ocean or aquaculture farms, allowing for development of healthy fish meat.

At Fisheroo, we place great emphasis in ensuring that none of our products are genetically modified, conserving all DNA found in natural fish.

Our product would be sold at a premium for a start but please be assured that we are working hard and fast to reduce cost while ensuring top-tier quality of these cell-based meat.

We are currently in the R&D phase and target to bring high quality sustainable fish meat to you as soon as possible.

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